GLXXYGRL is a creative brand started by Rachel Kurtenbach in Phoenix Arizona. GLXXYGRL initially started to make it’s way into the business world offering photography services for the valley. Over the years, it has expanded into servicing all of Arizona with not only a wide range of photography services, but also marketing & branding services, freelance photography and journalism, and even a blog covering fashion/lifestyle/photography content. Rachel is a 19 year old recent high school graduate who has dedicated the past six years to delving into the arts field and learning as much as possible about her photography work, and expanding her range of services. Rachel is extremely passionate about what she does, and hopes to continue to build her business and service the people in her communities. Rachel is a seasoned photographer who has many qualifications, and an abundance of experience in the field. You can find more information about her experience on the Certifications & Publicity tab.

The goal of GLXXYGRL is to provide our consumers and friends with the best quality service, a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, and superior content. GLXXYGRL curates to YOU. We cater specifically to your needs, making the whole excursion a highly personalized experience. GLXXYGRL strives to not only provide the best customer service, but we also aim for creativity and approach situations with an artistic eye. Creativity and innovation are things Rachel holds close to her heart. She believes there is nothing out there that can’t be turned into art.

We have high hopes for the GLXXYGRL brand, and are excited to launch new features and services in 2019. Check out the GLXXYGRL photography website to see some of our past work. Get in contact with Rachel today by clicking on the contact tab on the top menu. We can’t wait to work with you, and we’re excited to have you along on this journey!